Mother's Anguish Leads to November Search

A mother's anguish knows no end when a daughter is missing. Gloria Denton's beloved daughter, April Beth Pitzer went missing on June 28, 2004. Three long years later, she remains missing. April was last seen in the vicinity of the 30000 block of Caspian Way in Newberry Springs, CA. She indicated she was going to travel to Arkansas to see her mother but never arrived. Where is April Beth Pitzer?

"We intend to find out," says Gloria Denton, April's mother. "I need to find her. I need to be able to give her a Christian burial. I need to know where my April is," she says.

On November 2-4, 2007, a large-scale search for April Beth Pitzer's remains will be conducted near Elephant Mountain off of 1-15 outside of Barstow, California.

The November search, hosted by the Kristen Foundation ( out of North Carolina, is bringing together people and organizations with the same mission: to find April Beth Pitzer.

"It's heart wrenching," explains Gloria Denton, Apri's mother, " that thousands of our adult daughters and sons being abducted, murdered and thrown out like trash. This problem has always existed but until organizations such as Let's Bring Them Home, the Kristen Foundation, Texas Equusearch, and amazing strangers such as Mike melson and Brian Hanson made a choice to care and become involved, little was ever told of the thousands of missing adults and the pain their parents and children are living with."

Volunteers are needed for the search, along with lodging, meals, water, and financial support.

"We are also needing a 'home base' for volunteers in Newberry Springs, possibly a Church," explains LaDonna Meredith, Executive Director for the non-profit missing persons advocacy group, Let's Bring Them Home.

Let's Bring Them Home is based in Gloria Denton's home state of Arkansas and is currently offering a $50,000 reward for information leading to the recovery of April Pitzer and the arrest and conviction of those involved in April's disappearance.

"April's clothing was found in the vicinity of where the November search is going to be conducted, so it is imperative that we utilize every volunteer we can that weekend. It's time to bring April home," says Meredith.

Anyone willing to volunteer for the search, donate search essentials, or offer financial support can email Mike Melson at or call Gloria Denton at 479-705-0380 or email

Anyone having information regarding the whereabouts of April Beth Pitzer is encouraged to call the Let's Bring Them Home toll-free "no cops" tipline at 1-866-479-LBTH.