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Bodie Ghost Town

Bodie Foundation

Bodie on Wikipedia,_California

DesertUSA's site about Bodie

Mono Lake homepage

Official website of the California State Parks about Bodie State Historic Park

YosemiteGold's Site about Bodie

Cerro Gordo, California Ghost Town

Cerro Gordo Mines

Cerro Gordo on Wikipedia

Cerro Gordo Attraction Review @ TripAdvisor

Rhyolite Ghost Town, Nevada

Rhyolite Ghost Town

Rhyolite on Wikipedia,_Nevada

Rhyolite photographs from the 1920ies

Calico Ghost Town, California

The official Calico website

Calico ghost town on Wikipedia

Roadtrip America's website about Calico Ghost Town

Silver City Ghost Town, Idaho

The official Silver City website

Ruby, Arizona Ghost Town

Official Ruby AZ website

Great Information about Ruby AZ

Ruby's history

Darwin, California Ghost Town

Darwin, California on Wikipedia,_California

Ballarat Ghost Town, California

Ballarat website ballarat.html

Silver City virtual tour silvercitycov.html

Centralia Ghost Town, Pennsylvania

Wikipedia's page about Centralia, Pennsylvania,_Pennsylvania

Modern Ruins'page about Centralia, many photos centralia_gallery.htm visit to the town of Centralia centralia.htm

General Ghost Town websites

Ghost Town Explorer - great site with lots of Ghost Towns

Legends about Ghost Towns from all over the states

Western Mining History - great website with a lot of information about mining towns

Monument Gallery - nice Ghost Town photography

The Ghost Town Webring;action=list

Photographer John Levandowski

Ghost Town Photo Gallery ghosttowns.htm

Riding Duo's Ghost Town Photo Website

Robert Wynn's Ghost Town website

Cat and Ripley's Ghost Town photo collection

Todd Underwood's

Ghost Towns of California

Travel California's page about Ghost Towns Ghost_Towns.htm


The California Gold Country: Highway 49

Explore Historic California online magazine

California Historical Society

DigitalDesert - all about the Mojave (Calico and other Ghost Towns)

DesertUSA: Tumco & Hedges hedges_tumco/du_hedged.html

Gold Maps of California

Silver City "Ghost Town" (open air museum), Lake Isabella, California

Ghost Towns of Nevada

Shawn Hall's Nevada Ghost Towns website

Forgotten Nevada: extensive website about abandoned places

Vanishing Nevada

Huge list of Nevada Ghost Towns nevada/index.htm

Nevada Ghost Towns

Ghost Towns in Nevada snaps/picturet.htm


Pioche Nevada Chamber of commerce

Ghost Towns of Arizona

Huge overview on Arizona Ghost Towns

Experience Arizona: Ghost Towns and other activities

See the Southwest: Ghost Towns and outdoor fun in Arizona

Chloride City, Arizona

Jerome, Arizona Historic State Park

Tombstone, Arizona Historic State Park

Site of the OK Corral, the famous gunfight site

Dos Cabezas Spirit and Nature Retreat, Bed & Breakfast

Helvetia Ghost Town

New book about Octave Ghost Town, Arizona

Ghost Towns of New Mexico

New Mexico Ghost Towns

Great site on New Mexico Ghost Towns

New Mexico and Texas Ghost Towns

Steins Railroad Ghost Town Southwest/Hildago/Steinsrailroadghosttown.html

The official Shakespeare Ghost Town website

Shakespeare Ghost Town shakespeare/shakespeare.html

Ghost Towns of Oregon

Vanished Oregon

Field trip to Shaniko and Richmond Ghost Towns, Oregon

Field trip to Sumpter Ghost Town, Oregon

Ghost Towns of Colorado

Website on Colorado Ghost Towns with many photos

Colorado Ghost Towns

Fourteener Country Ghost Towns ghostown.htm

Ghost Towns of North Dakota

Ghosts of North Dakota

Ghost Towns of South Dakota

Ghosts of South Dakota

Ghost Towns of South Carolina

Ghosts of South Carolina

Ghost Towns of Ohio

Forgotten Ohio

Ghost Towns of Washington

Ghost Towns of Washington - a website created to share photos and history of Washington's early mining and lumber communities

Website about Ghost Towns in Washington and the history of the state

Ghost Towns of Montana

Website of Garnet Ghost Town, Montana

Another website about Garnet Ghost Town, Montana

Official Website of Bannack Ghost Town, Montana

Official Website of Virginia City Ghost Town, Montana

Montana Ghost Town Preservation Society

Ghost Towns of Wyoming

Wyoming Ghost Towns Travel Guide wyghost/index.shtml

Ghost Towns of Texas

Nocturnal and other photos of many Texas Ghost Towns Texas_ghost_towns.htm

Overview on Texas Ghost Towns texas.htm

New Mexico and Texas Ghost Towns

Ghost Towns of Canada

Photo gallery of Ghost Towns in Canada

Ghost Towns in Canada

Extensive site about Ontario Ghost Towns

Sandon, British Columbia

Barkerville, British Columbia

Ghost Towns of Alaska

Site about Unga, Alaska

Ghost Towns of Mexico

Unofficial site of Real de Catorce

Real de Catorce


National Register Of Historic Places

Western History Photo Collection is a research tool for historic and cultural resource preservation

Museum of San Francisco: The gold rush

California Heritage Collection calheritage.html

Treasurenet's Images of the American West from the National Archives

American History Site from

American Memory from the Library of Congress

Don Bain's Virtual Guidebooks to many States, with panoramic photos

Gold panning in Switzerland

Gold panning in Germany Larrie Thomson's website on night photography

Night photography of the abandoned roadside west

Urban Atrophy

True West Magazine

Pripyat - modern day ghost town close to Chernobyl power plant, Ukraine

Wikipedia page about the Oradour sur Glane nazi massacre in 1944

English site about Oradour sur Glane

Visiting Etzweiler, Germany - a modern day ghost town

Virtual Visit to Hashima Ghost Island

Gunkanjima - Ghost Island in Japan


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